What are you grateful for?

Hi – this seems like a great time to check in with you since we are all more or less homebound! The president of Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate emailed the article below to the agents this morning and I thought it was very sweet that he shared it. Who doesn’t like to eat?!

At my house, I have found that we are eating a lot! I am fortunate that my husband enjoys cooking. This is good and bad!

My hope is that you are staying well and keeping your sanity. Having food in our cabinets and fridge has been a big part of feeling sane. I have learned that it is good to start each day with a few “gratitudes” – or naming things I am grateful for. Last week was a little rough – things were getting a little too real. So my gratitudes were simple and made a great cheer between my husband, daughter and I –“ I am healthy! I am thriving! I am feeling good!” Somedays my gratitudes are “I have food in my fridge! I have toilet paper! We have internet service!” It’s amazing how grateful I am today for the things I took for granted in January.

Please know we are thinking of you, we wish you all the best and if there is something we can do for you, please let us know.

What to Cook This Week, by Sam Sifton NY Times

Thank you. Have a great day!


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